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Creative Agency

A great image should be accessible to all

Do you have a musical project and want to work with us

We will help you develop all your ideas in our recording studio, contact us to send you our technical rider.

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About us

One of our main objective is to provide a service of obligatory quality and professional nature to each of our customers in each production or show, guaranteeing there will be no delay or defect in our equipment.

Our staff is fully qualified to handle and resolve any technical situation during production, all with years of experience in the field of large productions.

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A great image should be accessible to all

Creative Agency

Usually a good design is expensive, this prevents small companies and entrepreneurs from competing with prestigious advertising contracted by large industries.

Good designs generate confidence, trust generates customers, customers position you as a brand and brands last in time, that means you have started a business as well as generated a way of thinking and living and you will have added value that you Differentiate from the competition.

The success of a project, enterprise or company has a very thin line between being one of the market and excel.

There is only one step between the authentic and the common in the business world.

That is why we are committed to you to generate good images with the best price in the market, because we want your project, entrepreneurship or company to achieve success and we be part of it.

We invite you to download our catalog of designs and choose the one that is most identified with you. Remember that successful people want everyone to be successful.

A great image should be accessible to all


  • Yamaha MG16 Console.

    3 active boxes JBL EON10.

    Microphones Shure PG58

  • Pearl Vision Birch Drum set.

    Ampeg SVT-810E Bass Cabinet.

    Ampeg SVT-4PRO Bass Head.

    Orange TH30C Fender Twin Amp USA.

    Fender Twin Amp USA Guitar Amplifier.

    Guitar Amplifier Fender Deville 212 USA.

    Vox AC15C2 Guitar Amplifier

  • $ 7,000 CLP per hour (Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

    $ 10,000 CLP per hour (Monday to Friday from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.)

    $ 8,000 CLP per hour (Saturdays and Sundays all day)

  • 12 Hrs for 59,990 CLP / Available 3.

    16 Hrs for 89,990 CLP / Available 3.

    20 Hrs. For 109,990 CLP / Available 2.

    24 Hrs. For 139,990 CLP / Available 2.

  • Download our rider tech file and know how we will capture all the energy of your musical project.

    Download tech rider


  • Fender Twin Reverb®65 USA
  • Fender Twin Reverb® 68 USA
  • Fender Deville® 212 USA
  • Fender Hot Rod® 112 USA
  • Vox AC30C2
  • Vox AC15C2
  • Roland Jazz Chorus
  • Orange TH30C
  • Marshall JCM 900
  • Marshall 1960A Cabinet
  • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
  • Drum set Pearl Vision Birch 5 piezas
  • Ampeg SVT810E
  • Ampeg SVT4PRO
  • Orange TH30C
  • Fender Twin Amp Usa
  • All drum sets include hardware, chair and single pedal.
  • The service includes transportation and technicians.
  • Check for availability of percussions.

¡119.990 CLP!

  • Ampeg SVT-810E
  • Ampeg SVT-410HLF
  • Ampeg SVT-4PRO
  • Ampeg SVT-7PRO
  • Hartke LH1000
  • Hartke Hydrive 410
  • Pearl Vision Birch
  • Gretsch Catalina
  • Dw Collector® Series
  • Nord Stage Ha88
  • Nord Piano 3
  • Nord Stage 2 EX
  • Yamaha Motif® Xf6
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